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Dr Ting Cosmetic surgeon

About Dr. Ting

Dr Jack Ting is Australia’s most experienced laser cosmetic surgeon; a pioneer in the field, he continues to lead the way in innovative, safe and highly effective laser procedures. He is recognised around the world as an accomplished and highly skilled laser specialist.

Dr Ting is blessed with passion for excellent, refined microscopic laser surgery. He was initially trained by Dr Milton Wanner, Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney in 1988. In 1991, he was trained by pioneering laser surgeons, Dr Larry David (dermatologist) in Los Angeles, USA and Dr Sterling Baker (oculoplastic surgeon) in Oklahoma, USA. In 1992, he pioneered CO2 laser eyelid procedure and CO2 laser skin resurfacing in a specially built laser operating theatre in Sydney.

Twenty-three years ago, he teamed up with his university mate, Dr John Poole, a specialist anesthetist who administers IV twilight sedation. They are still working together today with an excellent track record. Dr Ting believes in safety first above all, and respects the importance of working with a trusted anesthetist. With more than 7000 cases of laser surgery, they are proud of their blemish-free record. Their professor at the University of New South Wales used to say, “You are doctors now; if you don’t do any good, don’t do any harm!” These golden words still ring loudly in their ears.

Cosmetic surgery is an elective procedure. Therefore, it is important patients should be healthy mentally as well as physically and whatever procedure is chosen should be effective and as safe as possible. Firstly, laser is a tool that removes the unwanted part of a patient’s skin while simultaneously stimulating self-repair and rejuvenating skin to its youthful appearance. Secondly, laser is used as a scalpel; it cuts very smoothly and precisely and it seals the blood vessels and nerve endings so there is less bruising and pain after surgery. Laser surgery under microscope further enhances the benefit. “If it looks good under the microscope, it looks even better with the naked eye; beauty and details are what we are looking for. ”

It is important to listen to patient needs; giving them realistic expectation of results is just as important as the surgery itself. Every patient has a briefing just before their procedure so that no mistake is made on what is to be done. IV sedation is given to patient by a specialist anesthetist. The patient has no recollection of the procedure; it is like a very good sleep and on waking up, it is all done.

Dr Ting calls patients during early recovery days to allay his/her anxiety and informs them of what to expect the next day. If there is an issue, it will be addressed as soon as possible. This keeps Dr Ting abreast of patients’ recovery status every day. Dr Ting is a results- orientated and he is always interested in achieving the intended outcome.

Laser Acne Scars
Fraxel re:pair 10,600nm treats facial acne scars very well with variable power and depth. It does even better when combined with CO2 traditional laser for individual acne scar crater. It is mostly a single treatment for mild and moderately severe facial acne scars. It is time efficient this way as there will be mostly one treatment. At the same time, I would educate patient how to prevent recurrence of new acne. The goal is to make acne scars better and stay better in a harmless way.

Fraxel Laser skin rejuvenation
All Fraxel lasers rejuvenate skin, making skin looks youthful and beautiful like baby skin. There are 3 Fraxel lasers:
a) Fraxel re:store dual 1550nm remove scars
b) Fraxel re:store dual 1927nm remove pigmentation
c) Fraxel re:pair 10,600nm skin tightening and removal of facial acne scars

Fraxel manufacturers invented fractional lasers. They patented many special functions, one of the best being the smooth delivering system like “mowers” with no unwanted grid marks. Fraxel lasers deliver lasers like “rollers” on the bowling green.

I am honored to be first in Australia to use Fraxel lasers and given the opportunity to teach colleagues how to use the machines in Australia and other Asia Pacific countries since its introduction in Australia.

Thermage Skin tightening treatment
This is a non-invasive facial skin tightening treatment also known as non surgical face lift. It uses radio frequency to heat up collagen to contract the skin. It does not have an immediate result. It may take a few gweeks to see the desirable outcome and will last for l12-18 months. This procedure can be repeated. It is suitable for patients who do not want invasive surgery or for younger patients to prevent facial sagging or for patients who are not suitable for surgery. It has been used for more than 10 years around the world and remains a good alternative for non surgical face lift.

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