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Broken capillaries – Laser removal

Broken capillaries are an unattractive, often embarrassing problem because of the negative social connotation of too much alcohol indulgence; in fact, broken capillaries are mostly hereditary. They appear mostly in the mid face, nose and chin. The problem does present as uncomfortable hot flushes especially when drinking alcohol. The condition varies in severity. Get yours treated successfully with microscopic laser surgery which gives a relatively long lasting result.


Your skin will no longer look ruddy and you will not suffer the hot-flush-like discomfort and the associated social embarrasement. Copper Bromide Microscopic Laser treatment is accurate and can treat large areas of broken capillaries at once. The combination of Fraxel laser and Copper Bromide lasers the treatment time is reduced and the skin is rejuvenated at the same time.


With the new technology, the pulsing CuBr laser and the blowing of cold air to lower the skin temperature, the recovery is short.


Broken capillaries 1

*broken capillaries 2


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