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Cholesterol Deposits

Soft, white / yellow patches on the insides of your upper eyelids are the result of lipoprotein accumulation on the skin. However, only 15{9944eea0d9523d63cbd8963596ef7d3d687f4007870c718ba25d66dbe08b1daa} of patients have a higher than normal level of blood cholesterol.They can be distracting and make you feel self-conscious. Cryotherapy is now the most appropriate treatment; it works by reducing the size of the cholesterol deposits after each treatment; there is no break in the skin so the recovery is very easy to manage. A few treatments maybe require to achieve complete removal aiming at little or no scar.


You will love the new, smooth, blemish-free surface around your eyes and you will feel so much more comfortable and attractive.

*cholesterol deposits

*cholesterol deposit 2

*Cholesterol deposit 1

*cholesterol deposit 3

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