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Dermal filler injection for lips and nose

Long lasting soft tissue filler used for the correction of facial lines, depressed scars and any facial contour deformities. It is also used for lip augmentation, to enhance the cheeks and to augment the nose bridge which requires the use of the ‘permanent reconstructive’ gel. This is a procedure where the gel is injected under the skin with immediate results that remain in place for maybe up to 10 years. The end result should always aim to look natural; overdoing it, looks a lot worse than not doing it at all; patient’s participation and the surgeon’s aesthetic judgement are equally important.
Short acting filler can be used on request.


Long lasting filler is used to fine tuning, in combination with surgical procedures or to enhance and correct facial contour deformities. It will last for many years; topping up is possible, when there is further tissue loss with the ageing process; the result is immediately apparent. I have now seen results that are still good, after ten years.


Most people can return to work after treatment, while others may choose to stay off for a couple of days; occasionally, there may be bruises which will take a few days to subside.


*Fillers lips 1

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*Fillers lips 2

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