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Neck & chest – Fraxel lasers

Fraxel re:pair’s special property of skin tightening is ideal for wrinkled skin of the neck; the improvement is immediately visible following treatment; it will also rejuvenate the sun damaged skin through removal of blemishes, discoloration, and strong collagen regeneration. However, for patients in young 40s and 50s, this is a very good stop-gap measure, without surgery; for those, who have serious loose skin,’S’ lift is a better option. Usually, only one Fraxel re:pair treatment is required although more treatment is possible on request.


Safety- never before possible to use CO2 laser to rejuvenate off face skin; it is now safe because Fraxel CO2 laser only removes skin fractionally; it’s like having multiple fine ‘injections’ on the skin; the next day, there is no marks visible on the skin; such is the remarkable refined laser technology, with almost no complications. Effectiveness- having used CO2 laser skin resurfacing for 16 years,it has been the gold standard; now, Fraxel re:pair is the platinum standard. It is very important feature for busy people in 21st century.


Short- some spot bleeding in the first hour, followed by some oozing, swelling for a few days; there may be some tightness. There will be peeling or flaking. The skin may feel dry and rough for a couple of weeks then, the skin will become nice, soft with the use of moistourising cream; the skin will become clearer and with improved youthfulness that may last for many years with regular use of sunscreen protection.

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