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Droopy upper eyelids make people look tired, prematurely older;they are mostly hereditary; droopy upper eyelids decrease the light entry into the eyes and narrows the peripheral visual field.

Droopy upper eyelids give a heavy feeling in the forehead; patients compensate by raising the eyebrows to see more, resulting in forehead creases. droopy upper eyelids surgery, reduces the frontal lines over time, naturally; this is a treatment of the cause as opposed to anti-wrinkle injections which is only temporary symptomatic relief.

If the upper eyelids are droopy enough to touch the eyelashes or beyond, the upper eyelids surgery will be eligible for partial medicare rebate.

Then, there are cases, mild and moderate droopy upper eyelids, the correction will be regarded as cosmetic.

The laser microscopic correction is very precise, under IV twilight sedation by specialist anaesthetist so that the patients will not be apprehensive and very safe.

I started doing laser correction droopy upper eyelids since 1992 after training in USA and my surgical team has perform more that 6000 cases; the aim is always safety first, beautiful natural looking eyes; the goal is that patients should be able to close the eyes when asleep.


Droopy upper eyelids surgery restores the beauty of the eyes and preserve the function of closing the eyes well, protecting corneas from dry out while sleeping; this comes about from accurate measurement, double checking for correctness and the precise micro-laser surgery.

The restored beauty of the eyes is immediately apparent.
Other benefits :
Able to wear eye makeup clearly, bigger eyes, have brighter and wider visual fields.
No bandage, little or no pain, able to go out for a walk the next day, little or no bruising.
Able to return to work 6-7 days. Best result in 4-6 weeks.
Natural looking eyes.


After droopy upper eyelids surgery, bruising and pain are minimal; only 5{9944eea0d9523d63cbd8963596ef7d3d687f4007870c718ba25d66dbe08b1daa} of people need to take Paracetamol for a short time. You are home the same day and can go out in1- 2 days in sunglasses.

You return for a check-up after six days and you will look your best 4-6 weeks.

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