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Acne scars laser treatment

Laser acne scars treatment is now safe and successful; best of all, in most cases, patients mostly need one treatment, although in severe cases, several treatments may be required. A combination of Fraxel re:pair and the ‘gold standard’ traditional CO2 laser is used for laser acne scar treatment.

It is important that doctors need to be sympathetic to active acne and acne scars sufferers; they need strong psychological support.

After 23 years of doing laser acne scars treatment, I have come to conclude that :
1] The need to educate patients to prevent new acne outbreaks in a harmless manner; it is a self administered, one minute daily ultrasonic skin cleansing treatment, effective and compliant, in a harmless way; discard medications with serious side effects.

2] Fraxel re:pair +/- traditional CO2 laser acne scars treatment; mostly, one treatment only, although for severe cases, it can be repeated on the needs basis.
Acne scars have been very successfully treated in the past by traditional CO2 laser for years but the morbid long recovery is a disadvantage.

Now, the Fraxel re: pair can produce similar results, with less morbidity : a) Fraxel re: pair is a fractional CO2 laser; it can penetrate, up to 1.6mm, at least five times deeper than the CO2 laser. b) Fraxel re: pair removes the scars fractionally, by making multiple microscopic ‘pin pricks’, physically remove the scar tissue, deeper and more volume; therefore, more effective. c) Fraxel re: pair makes thousands of tiny ‘pin pricks’, each of which is smaller than the size of a hair.

Lately in the same treatment session, I have been combining Fraxel re:pair with the traditional old CO2 laser, to treat each acne scar crater separately under microscope, to achieve even better result, with easier recovery, less down time. By using a combination of Fraxel re:pair and traditional CO2 laser, the two best proven laser treatment for acne scars; the success rate is very high through laser contouring and self repairing of acne scars.

The idea is to make the acne scars better and stay better, with minimal number of treatment and therefore, least down time, is ideal for everybody.


Safety: very safe in experienced operator.

Effectiveness: very effective. It can combine with old traditional CO2 laser to treat individual more severe acne scars under microscope. The down time and the post operation redness may be reduced by 50{9944eea0d9523d63cbd8963596ef7d3d687f4007870c718ba25d66dbe08b1daa}, comparing with using the traditional CO2 laser treatment alone.*

Single treatment : mostly one treatment is required.Treatments can be repeated if necessary.

Fraxel re:pair can improve acne scars where other treatments failed. It can also re-pigment some loss of skin colour as a result of acne infection gone too deep, destroying the pigment cells.

Most of the time, mostly one treatment is required, hence only one down time; this is good news for most busy people.


Immediately after laser acne scars treatment with Fraxel re:pair and CO2 laser, there will be some spots bleeding and oozing; the skin may feel hot but there is no significant discomfort. Patient can go home and have a shower and wash off the old blood on the face. Clean the face with Chlorohexidine and put on Vaseline.*
the oozing will dry up to form a scab which acts as a natural bandage.*


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