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‘S’ neck lift, lower face lift, jawline and jowls

Sagging jowls, distorted jawline, fat under-chin are the give away ageing signs that most people detest. S-Lift alleviates the common signs of ageing including sagging jowls, droopy corners of the mouth, sagging smiling lines, marionette lines and ‘turkey’ necks. The procedure ‘S’ lift using CO2 laser to make an S-shaped incision which is largely hidden and almost invisible after recovery. Following the incision, the lifting process includes reduction of excess skin and removing abnormal fat, under the chin and jowls, using liposuction; ‘S’ lift includes lifting of platysma and SMAS. The ‘S’ lifting is done under direct vision and the end results are immediately apparent. Ultimately, the final result is directly related to the artistic skill of the surgeon to achieve a natural look. The scars are mostly hidden; should there be any visible scars, they can be removed by Fraxel laser.


The ‘S’-Lift combined with liposuction of jowls and neck can effectively: restore the sagging jowls to youthful jaw lines, lifting the sagging smiling lines, elevate the corners of the mouth, tighten the buccal crepeness of skin and improve the prominence of the cheek, tighten the loose skin, under the chin and the neck. When completed, the ‘S’ lift makes the the face looking natural. The best compliment comes when returning to work, the close friend would only remark that she/he looks extremely well after the vacation!


After the ‘S’ neck lift, It is necessary to wear a chin strap for a week. Using a CO2 laser to make incisions, there is little or no pain and minimal bruising on the face after the surgery; there will be some bruising in the neck; there is some tightness and discomfort in the tempro-mandibular joints which means discomfort with biting, therefore, eating soft food is recommended for 2-3 days.

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