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Hands and Arms

For those people who have prolonged sun exposure either through sun baking, sports or out door works, the sun damaged skin skin becomes wrinkled, discoloured and leather like quality. Fraxel re:pair through its unique property of tightening, removal of blemishes, strong regeneration of collagen will restore the sun damaged skin to a good quality skin. As Fraxel re:pair is an ablative laser; it also removes part of the old damaged skin.


Never before it was possible to use CO2 laser to resurface the off face skin until the advent of Fraxel re:pair; the new fractional laser technology will remove part of old skin and therefore, reduces the risk of future sun cancer.

It will tighten the loose wrinkled skin and rejuvenate the old skin to the new skin.

Usually, only one treatment is required but the treatment can be repeated if necessary.


The off face skin takes a littler longer to recover, it may take10-14 days.

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