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Moles removal – no scar

Moles on the face, especially the large ones and on the wrong part of the face, namely, on the nose, eyelids, around the mouth, lips, neck and upper chest, they can be unattractive; surgical excision can often leaves a scar or an I ndentation, a distortion of facial skin. It is now possible to remove a mole and leave little or no mark on the skin. A mole can be reduced in size and the colour can be removed by laser; the end result is always aiming at close to perfection. It is important to take a detailed history of the mole and do a microscopic examination of the mole; if ever in doubt or any suspicion of malignancy, do a biopsy of the mole. I have now treated the moles this way successfully for 25 years.


Our unique removal technique aims at mole removal with no scar and no change in skin colour. You are left with smooth, blemish free skin in the treated area. The risk of scarring is minute. The removal may take a few sessions, depending on the size, the depth and the elevation of the mole. There is no cutting of the skin and the majority of the patients go back to work after each treatment.*

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