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Liposuction to Upper Arms

The hanging bulkiness of the underside of the upper arms may be hereditary. Losing weight would have minimal impact on the look of the arms. The usual concern is that people are unable to wear sleeveless shirts and dresses. Correction by liposuction is best done at an early age, as gravity and the weight of the fat would continue to stretch the skin; this gets worse as you get older; young skin can retract much better than skin of those in their older years.


An overall boost to one confidence is achieved when liposuction to the arms is performed. People are able to wear sleeveless tops and dresses without being self-conscious. Some people may find waving to friends embarrassing, since the bulkiness may wobble, but after liposuction, this is reduced considerably.


Patients who have this procedure done are capable of going to work in two-three days wearing long sleeve shirts. It is important to wear a compression vest after the procedure. There will be some bruising and some discomfort.

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