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Lips – Sun damaged

Sun damage to lower lip is common, because we walk, in an upright position; the sun constantly hit the lower lip first; the damaged lip caused, is unattractive. The rough flaky patches that never heal, can possibly lead to sun cancer in the long run. Using advanced laser techniques, we remove the damage to your lip accurately with very minimal chance of scarring, leaving you with smooth, rejuvenated skin. It is important to wear sunsceen lip balm daily as a preventive measure.


Laser treatment accurately removes the sun damaged tissue only, leaving your lip shape intact. It no longer requires the amputative scalpel traumative surgery; it is best treated early.


Recovery depends on how deep the damage is. Please note: we always biopsy sun damage on the lip as there is a high risk of cancer in 3{9944eea0d9523d63cbd8963596ef7d3d687f4007870c718ba25d66dbe08b1daa} of cases.*

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