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Pigmentation removal – (Fraxel re:store DUAL)

Facial pigmentation also known as melasma, chloasma, has in the past been a most difficult problem to treat; pigmentation gives people an uneven and embarrassing complexion; it causes a lot of stress and grief. With the advent of Fraxel re:store Dual 1927nm, it is possible to remove facial pigmentation;Our aim is for the pigmentation to get better and stay better. There is a need to try to find out the causes of pigmentation. It is very important to consult a doctor. If the pigmentation recurs there is no point to repeat the same treatment until the cause is found and eliminated therefore there is no logical reason to sign up for 5-6 treatments ever!*

My approach is to try to find out the cause at the initial consultation, treat the pigmentation with 1927nm, if there is no recurrence then, do it the second 1927nm treatment to make the removal more complete. If there is recurrence, then we proceed to do medical investigations; more treatment of the same will not help; it is about being cost effective to the patient and scientifically logical.
For those patients with olive skin to dark colour skin, it is prudent to do a test patch for fear of hyper-pigmentation.
If there is no cause found then, patient will have to accept the fact that future treatment will be given on the needs basis and use anti- pigmentation cream to fade the pigmentation.


1927nm laser has constantly shallow penetrations into the skin therefore, there is less pain during treatment and quick recovery. The result is outstanding. Patients have reported clearance of pigmentation after first treatment!


Immediately after treatment, there is hot feeling on the face; Icepacks can be used to afford relief. The pigmentation will become darker giving a ‘bronzing’ appearance; the treated pigment will flake off.
As there is no visible break in the skin, moisturiser or make up can be applied the day after.
After the peeling of old skin, the new skin will be pink for a few days; there may be dryness of skin. With application of moisturiser, the skin would become very youthful and beautiful.

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