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Puffiness under the eyes or eye bags, make people look tired; the frequent annoying comment is ” not having enough sleep” even though you have lots of sleep. It also gives people a prematurely older look.

Eye bags or puffiness under the eyes, is due to hereditary abnormal excessive fat deposits. Eye bags can occur as early as in the 20s; the youngest patient with eye bags that i treated was 11 years old. it is a condition that worsens with age. Eye bags surgery can be done as soon as the person feels the need to, because it is mostly a one off procedure in a life time. Microscopic CO2 laser makes the incision on the inside of the lower eyelids so there is no external visible scar; the result of lower eyelids surgery is immediately visible and there is no change in the natural eye shapes.

Eye bags surgery is a very precise procedure; only the exact amount of fat should be removed; too much fat removal would result in hollowness and too little fat removed is unsatisfactory. The correct surgery of eyebags removal requires skill, experience and training.

Patients’ concern with the excess lower eyelids skin, it is a frequently asked question; with good quality skin, , it will retract naturally, likened to post pregnancy situation; if this has not happened, the skin can be tightened by Fraxel re:pair or Thermage, both of which are non invasive; if the skin is very excessive, laser surgical removal can be performed.


The result of eye bags surgery is immediate; the laser cut is in on the inside of the lower eyelids, therefore there is no external scars, no stitches and there is no change of the eye shapes. The technique is precise with almost no risk of a hollow appearance, no risk of an eyelids ‘pulling down effect or the much dreaded ’round eye’ look. The eye bags surgery is always done with IV sedation, given by specialist anaesthetist, therefore, the patient will be asleep without fear and anxiety.

As the laser cuts, it seals the nerve endings and blood vessels, therefore there is less or no pain, little or no bruising. one patient returned to work as a currency trader in 2 days; generally speaking, it is around 6-7 days.


There is little or no pain and minimal or no bruising. You can resume light normal activity in a couple of days and go back to work in less than a week. Best results are visible in 3-4 weeks, rarely, it takes longer.

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