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Regenerative Epithelial Suspension (RES) For Altered Skin Pigmentation Problems And Scars

RES is used for the treatment of the loss and altered skin pigmentation problems, restoration of scars, acne scars and burn scars…

The surface of the treated skin area has to be removed by CO2 laser or dermabrasion. The autologous skin cells are prepared by the split skin technique and epithelial cells are processed by RES; The separated epithelial cells are then put on the prepared treated area.

Regenerative Epithelial Suspension effective healing and the formation of good quality skin requires the presence and products of keratinocytes, fibroblasts and melanocytes. These cells are highly interactive and communicate with each other via secreted factors, their receptors and via cell/cell contracts to regulate the function and phenotype of the skin. Regenerative Epithelial Suspension contains viable population of all the skin cell phenotypes that have been shown to be essential for normal regeneration and pigmentation of the skin.resize-11

Photos courtesy of Winthrop Professor F. M. Wood Burns Service of Western Australia, Royal Perth Hospital, Australia.

Childhood flame injury, the treatment area was mechanically dermabraded down to viable dermis and RES was applied. The scar appearance was greatly improved, appearing closed to normal skin.

Best scar treatment

Photos courtesy of the Prof. Albert Wolkerstorfer, Netherlands Institute for Pigment Disorders, Amsterdam.

Stable, non-segmental vitiligo in the leg for five years, treatment area was prepared by CO2 laser abrasion and treated with Regenerative Epithelial Suspension. 18 weeks post treatment pigmentation and skin texture restored nearly match the surrounding areas.

Acne scar treatment

Photos courtesy of Dr. Gebhard Gramlich, German

Severe acne scarring with Fitzpatrick IV-V skin type.Following of the treatment of Regenerative Epithelial Suspension, the recipient and donor sites had healed completely.