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Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are caused by rapid expansion of tissue, typically occur in puberty, pregnancy and a burst of obesity. It has historically been a difficult problem to treat; expensive creams, various gadgets have produced little or no results. Fraxel laser SR1500 treatments have produced visible inprovement. Fraxel laser works by fractionally removing the stretchmarks, penetrating deep into the skin to stimulate collagen to self repair; there is no visible superficial skin injury, therefore, the risk of sacrring and change of skin colour is highly unlikely. It is a well known fact that the off-face skin takes longer to heal therefore the best cosmetic result will take a longer time to achieve.


Stretchmarks bother many people; in my experience, for the first time, Fraxel laser is able to improve the appearance of stretch marks so that people can wear swimming costumes with confidence and it is a big breakthrough in cosmetic laser surgery. The end result is largely dependent on the severity and the quality of the skin and the age of the stretch marks.


As there is no visible injury on the surface of the skin there is no dressing required; most stretchmarks are in the concealed parts of the body so there is no interruption to daily life. There is some swelling and redness of the skin in the treated areas.

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