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Many people are unhappy with moles and freckles in the body; it now possible to remove them by laser with little or no marks. Traditional scalpel excisional removal, can leave unacceptable and disfiguring scars, especially, in the chest, back and other very movable parts of the body and in areas of tension; worse scars can result from people with scarring tendency; while laser can do the trick, it is important to note that any mole that looks suspicious, must be biopsied and tested, followed by appropriate treatment. The non-scar laser treatments always aim at the end result of no microscopic remanent pigment and normal skin.


Our unique removal technique leaves little or no scar behind and does not distort the contour and colour of your skin. You are left with smooth, blemish free skin in the treated area.


Rarely, there may be slight loss of colour in the treated area.

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