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Warts laser treatment

Warts are viral infections; they are horrible affliction on the skin; they are contagious and make people feel unclean. Get your warts treated successfully with our precise microscopic laser surgery. Large numbers of warts can be treated in one session, sometimes, under IV sedation.It is important to get rid of all warts, to eliminate the source of infection.
Large number of warts can be associated with immunodeficiency.


You will enhance your attractiveness greatly by clearing warts in the face and whole body. Patients tell us this procedure makes them feel much happier, confident and clean. If there are large number of warts, a combination of Fraxel laser and Copper Bromide laser help to clear the warts in a shorter time and rejuvenate the skin at the same time.


Expect 8-10 days recovery during which time a scab will form, falling off to reveal new, pink skin. Transient hyperpigmentation may occur with non-Caucasians. However, if hyperpigmentation does occur in dark skin, Fraxel laser will remove the pigmentation successfully.

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