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Wrinkles – ‘Smokers lines’

The wrinkles above the upper lip are commonly named as ‘smoker’s lines’; they are actually the result of degenerative changes with aging, not being a smoker.

‘Smoker’s’ lines above the upper lip are big signs of aging; it’s a worry to many people; they do not like the look and the effect of ‘bleeding’ lipstick. The regenerated collagen will thicken and tighten the skin; the end result is a restored natural smoothness of the lip that last for years. If there is extra thinness in the lips, it can be further enhanced with dermal filler at the same time. This is a very successful treatment and it mostly requires one treatment although the treatment can be repeated if necessary.


Your lips can be restored to a youthful fullness, you will have a more defined lip border and the lines may disappear; you will feel more confident and happier.


With the laser treatment, the redness may gradually diminish in the next few weeks; it can be covered with make ups.

Cosmetic Filler Injections have little or no recovery time; most people can go to work the next day unless there is some bruises which may take a few days to fade; this is rather uncommon.

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